What Parents Say:

♫   “My son has benefited from music therapy so much. He had such a hard time expressing any emotion besides anger and now he is communicating so many feelings and emotions, it is amazing. Our family would still be struggling through stoic and withdrawn bouts of anger without the loving support that he and I both received. Best part of all, my son loves music and playing with the fun instruments. He is singing songs as he goes about his day all the time now.”

♫   “Music therapy has been an amazing help with our daughter who has Down Syndrome, is non verbal and has a severe sensory processing disorder. Our daughter was unable to go to places that were noisy and crowded. She would run and hide when we vacuumed the house. In less than a year of working with Miss Lillie, our daughter was able to go to Disneyland for a week! And now she can vacuum the floor herself! She also is talking more! Miss Lillie is very talented at working with our daughter, modifying her plans to meet our daughters mood. She always seems to be able to engage our daughter, even when she is being very stubborn. I recommend Milestone Music Therapy to everyone!”

♫   “Lillieth is beyond amazing! She has helped my son so much with expressing emotions in a wide array and learning how his physiology impacts his learning style. Her depth of knowledge and insight has helped me understand my son to a higher degree and we love her. I would recommend Milestone Music Therapy to anyone who is looking for support reaching out to their child and helping them grow or even just interested in early music education.”

♫   “My child experienced all of his ‘firsts’ in music therapy after the car accident. His first eye gaze, smile, laugh, purposeful movement, words, and more were all in MT.”

♫    “You brought him to grade level in reading comprehension and math, and helped with his social skills, and so now he can be successfully included in school.”

♫    “Music therapy is our favorite part of the week! We almost never have violent emotional outbursts now that she is processing emotions through song writing and improvisation two hours a week with you.”

What Clients Say:
♫    “That was fun!”
♫    “At school I sang the song we wrote about what it’s like to be sick and I think they get it now.”
♫    “My pain is so much better when I do my music relaxation.”

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