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1:1 Services ~ we work individually with the child to help them achieve their therapeutic goals as determined through assessment and treatment planning. Periodic and on-going evaluation of goals and progress is made.

Group sessions ~ we work with groups to assist group members in achieving group and/or individualized therapeutic goals. This is a great setting to work on social and communication goals!

Consultation ~ we provide consultation to other professionals, facilities and families on how they can more effectively incorporate music to enhance what they do.

Co-Treatment ~ with professions from related disciplines (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, etc.).

Early Childhood Music ~ these services are available in a variety of formats:

     in a preschool or childcare setting with groups
     child & caregiver groups at your location or ours
     Rockin’ & Readin’ at the Library (click here for more)

Assessments ~ Besides the assessments that are conducted for ongoing clients, we can also do one-time assessments as needed for school districts, agencies, individuals, etc.

Guest Speaking & In-Services ~ our therapists are available to provide presentations for your meetings, conferences, and more.

Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth ~ Trained by Sound Birthing (, our music therapist works with couples during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Music for Birth Consultation ~ our Sound Birthing trained therapist would love to help you select music to relax, encourage, and comfort you as well as decrease pain during labor.

Lullabies ~ our therapists are happy to help expectant parents and new parents write a special lullaby individualized for their child.

Adapted Music Lessons ~ for children with disabilities until they have enough skill and attention abilities to participate in regular music lessons. We can then consult with the new music teacher on how best to work with that particular child.

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