Preschool Music Programs

Be on the cutting edge of Preschool Education

with Early Childhood Music Classes

We have a wonderful music program available for your center. Research shows that an early exposure to and education in music during the early childhood years increases the abilities of a child later in life. Children will be exposed to a variety of music genres in a multi-sensory atmosphere. They will have the opportunity   to participate in live music making using a   variety of rhythmic and melodic instruments. They will interact with music in a variety of ways to enhance not just musical abilities, but behavioral, social, and cognitive abilities as well. American and cultural holiday traditions will be honored. Music classes are designed to be educational and FUN!

Music classes will target:

♫ Musical concepts such as: loud/soft, long/short, high/low, etc.

♫ Social skills such as: sharing, leadership, acknowledgement, cooperation, taking turns, conversational skills, eye contact, using please/thank you, etc.

 Pre-school activities such as: shapes, colors, counting, letter sounds, auditory processing,  paying attention, following  directions, etc.

2 Ways to Participate

1. Have families pay for individual children to participate in the music program. You provide the space for the classes.

2. You pay for the music classes for some or all of your classrooms. Fees are negotiable depending on how much you want to utilize.

Either way, you get to advertise that you offer top of the line early childhood music classes.


Infants will learn to sit and pay attention, follow the sound source, clap, play lots of rhythm instruments, strum the guitar, be exposed to and recognize traditional children’s music, and, in some cases, start singing.


Toddlers will learn to sit in a circle, take turns, share, sing along, learn echo, play all of the rhythm instruments, clap, count, strum the guitar, learn loud/soft, learn start/stop, move to music, pay attention to a sung book, polite asking, instrument names, and how to follow directions.


Pre-schoolers will learn to repeat rhythms using words, keep instruments quiet when it’s not time to play, read colored dots from left to right in  order to play a song as a group, sing along, sustain sung notes, entrain (meet, match, & sustain rhythm) movement to the beat, and sing in call-repeat style.

Pre-K Students

Pre-K students will learn to sing and move at the same time,  repeat rhythms with out using words, read colored dots to play a song independently, and master leadership, performance, and polite audience skills.

Older Students

Kindergarten & After School students will learn to recognize and pitch match a song’s tonic, sing in tune, note key changes, and more!



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