Our Therapists

All of our staff are passionate about music, being a musician, and using that to help others achieve all that they can.

Music Therapists ~ Our staff music therapists all have at least a bachelor’s degree in music therapy and are board certified through the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Most have specialized training such as in Neurologic Music Therapy, Biomedical Music Therapy, NICU Music Therapy, Music Together, Guided Imagery and Music, Sprouting Melodies, etc. They are proficient at voice, guitar, piano, and percussion at the very least. All of our music therapists are professional members of the American Music Therapy Association as well.
Music Therapy Interns ~ Once we have interns, they will come from various degree programs across the United States. They conduct their final clinical training hours via internship in order to receive a degree in music therapy and be eligible to sit for the Board Certification exam. The interns will be supervised by a Board Certified Music Therapist.
Lillieth Grand, MS, MT-BC, Executive Director has been a music therapist since 1993 specializing in working with children who have neurological impairment, traumatic brain injury, autism, developmental disabilities, and chronic health conditions. She is passionate about the field and holds several regional and national positions with AMTA and WRAMTA. She also trains music therapists to do Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth and is adjunct faculty at Marylhurst University. As well-known speaker on music therapy, she has been keynote speaker at the Utah Brain Injury Association and presents at nearly every music therapy conference. Lillieth has been trained in neurologic music therapy, NICU music therapy, Sprouting Melodies, Music Together, level 1 of the Bonny Method of Music and Imagery and more. Her master’s degree is in special education. She has a vision of seeing that all persons in Oregon who could benefit from music therapy have access to and use of a music therapist. Lillieth is the single mother of three boys, ages 15, 13, and 4. Her middle child being severely neurologically impaired makes her appreciate them all the more. Her major instrument is voice.
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