Vocal Health Tips — NO cough drops!

Well, it is that time of year when people start to get colds, coughs, etc. It’s really important to take care of your voice! Your vocal chords are just two folds of skin-like tissue and can be easily damaged. They’re most commonly damaged when they slam into each other or are stretched tight. So, please […]

Cost of Raising a Child with Disabilities

Recently a graphic came across my desk depicting the cost of raising a child birth to age 18. And while I found it interesting, I couldn’t help think about how this is altered for a family who is raising a child with disabilities. Allow me to explain. A family raising a child with a disability […]

Music Therapy: the Space for Miracles

“Miracles?” You ask. Yes! I have been doing this work for nearly 20 years and over those years my clients have repeatedly accomplished what would be considered miracles. Let me explain. When I think of the word “miracle” I think of an amazing or wonderful event, a marvel even, that was otherwise unimaginable. The number […]

When is it NOT music therapy?

The Voice on NBC is one of my favorite shows. I love that they are judging people, at least initially, based solely on their voice and their vocal delivery of a chosen song. As a vocalist myself I have a deep appreciation for what these contestants are bringing to the table. I have been contacted […]

Back to School and Music Therapy

Can you believe that summer is almost over? Here at Milestone Music Therapy we are gearing up for the new Fall schedule. Kids are going back to school and we are re-evaluating goals in alignment with that. In Oregon, children start back to school the week of Labor Day. Because my master’s degree is in special education,  I’m […]

Can music be dangerous? YES!

Many states are seeking legislation to insure that consumers are treated by a qualified and board certified music therapist (MT-BC). Why is that so important? Can’t anyone use music to help people? What harm is there in having someone who isn’t trained treating people using music? First, let me say that yes, anyone can use […]

Working with Parents of Exceptional Children

Earlier this month I gave a presentation during the Online Conference for Music Therapists on this subject. I believe that when we treat a child, we are actually working with an entire family as what we do has impact on everyone who cares for that child. As a music therapist of nearly 20 years, it […]

Sensory Integration Effects Voice Too!

I was speaking with one of my son’s speech therapists the other day about what I do in music therapy. After giving her a case example, she said, “you should publish that!” Well, I have heard that many times over the years. Unfortunately, when I sold my practice, my records went with it and I […]

2011 Wrap-up

WOW! What a stellar year! For me personally, 2011 was the year of transitions. In January, as a 43-year-old single mother of two older boys (ages 12 & 10), I gave birth to another baby boy. The end of June found me unemployed, but luckily, I qualified for unemployment. In August we moved home to […]

My first Blog ever!

Hi there! As I sit here building this website, I get more and more excited about Milestone Music Therapy and what we will be able to achieve. I have learned so much from my colleagues about how and why to blog. Hopefully in this section of the website I will be able to provide insight, […]

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