2011 Wrap-up

WOW! What a stellar year!

For me personally, 2011 was the year of transitions. In January, as a 43-year-old single mother of two older boys (ages 12 & 10), I gave birth to another baby boy. The end of June found me unemployed, but luckily, I qualified for unemployment. In August we moved home to Oregon where we belong. And, late in the year, quite recently actually, I decided to start a private practice, Milestone Music Therapy. Though this year has had challenges, trials, and angst, it was one of my happiest ever. I learned so much about myself and was able to transform negative experiences to positive. I find myself content and pleased with life in general at the end of what some would say was a tumultuous year.

2011 was a great year for the field of music therapy! My friend and colleague, Rachel See Smith, has compiled a chronological list of music therapy in the media in 2011. To see the list, go to: http://musictherapyservices.net/2011-the-year-of-music-therapy-in-the-media/ Thanks Rachel for compiling this extensive list. There were several local news stories across the country as well. When I entered the field as a new music therapist 19 years ago I had to explain what music therapy was constantly. Now, it is rare that I have to do that. For the most part, people recognize what I do for a living and think it’s cool. What a lovely time for the field!

Also, for over 15 years I have claimed that what I do is train, re-train and even re-wire the brain using music. Finally, in 2011, great research is showing that I was right! (I love being right!) Music therapy is being recognized by good neuroscience. So reassuring. I love being a music therapist!!!

So, as 2011 comes to a close, I look back in appreciation for ALL that it was. I hope that 2011 was great for you as well. By great, I mean that you: experienced success, experienced trials, learned something(s) new, lived, breathed, loved and were loved. May 2012 bring wonderful new trials, transformation, opportunities, experiences, relationships, and love to us all.

Blessings! Lillieth

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  1. Kat Fulton

    What a year, right?! Congratulations to you and your family for your perseverance and blessings. As for music therapy, yes, we’ve made it baby! Looking forward to unfolding with you in 2012, Lillieth. Be well =)

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